PerevodPravo translation agency provides comprehensive extra services of various specialty fields. Our agency employs experienced English translators and other highly qualified specialists. Since we work with the English language only, we receive orders from both Russian and foreign clients tangentially related to translations. Due to the availability of specialists in a broad spectrum of subject areas, as well as of professional equipment, we are able to offer our customers extra services.

Extra Services of PerevodPravo Translation Agency

Notarization. Fast certification of any translated documents in the center of Moscow (Novokuznetskaya metro station). We can notarize translated contracts, licenses, certificates, passports, driver's licenses, medical certificates, etc.

Proofreading by a native English speaker. Proofreading is ordered very rarely, as the quality of the service we provide is high. However, a complex text may include very rare phrases, more understandable to a native speaker. Therefore, in order to avoid inaccuracies of the translation, the text is passed to a native English speaker.

Audio and video voice-over editing. In today’s conditions of working with foreign companies, a rare large project can do without audio or video presentations. PerevodPravo translation agency has been rendering the services of voice-over editing and video editing of presentations, films, training sessions, etc., for several years. If you order the service from us, you will receive a high-quality and inexpensive product.

Camera report of English audio and video files. It is no secret that most modern innovations belong to English-speaking countries. Over the years of work of PerevodPravo translation agency, our translators have written hundreds of pages of new, valuable information, namely, camera reports of audio and video files of presentations or training sessions conducted by leading European and US speakers. Among our regular customers who order this service, we can also name law courts and investigative authorities, as well as commercial and educational institutions.

Rush translations. Due to the fact that we have a very large database of English translators, we are able to engage several translators to carry out one project, which enables us to complete a large amount of work in the shortest time possible.

We hope that a considerable experience in the field of English linguistics will allow us to provide our clients with maximum support in establishing business and cultural communications with foreign partners. Working with us is easy and convenient!

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Price of the translation service

Rush translations from/into Russian $0.09 / word
Notarized translation $8 / document (not more than 10 pages)
Audio and video voice-over editing $30 / minute
minimum order — 5 minutes
Audio translation and transcription
From English into Russian
$0.9 / word

Our advantages

We categorize the translators according to their specialty areas and directions of translation

Our translators possess diplomas and certificates awarded by the best universities

Diplomas and certificates verify the qualifications of our translators

We charge reasonable price for high-quality translations by a native speaker

We give large discounts to regular customers

We employ more than 500 English translators

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