An English Interpreter at an Exhibition

PerevodPravo translation agency is a company with years of experience of co-operation with Russian and foreign organizations in the field of interpreting from/into English. Over the years of work in the Russian market, we have managed to gather a professional team of English interpreters specializing in various specialty subjects and types of interpreting. We carry out such types of high-quality interpreting from the English language as:

  • simultaneous;
  • consecutive; 
  • whispered. 

An interpreter at an exhibition

So, your company is going to take part in an exhibition, and that is great! But the task is not easy. During the process of planning and organizing it is very important not to miss anything and to pay attention to all the details: from the equipment, advertising materials and product samples to the staff involved. There are no minor details. Indeed, participation in an exhibition, especially in an international one, means new business prospects, plans, business opportunities, as well as a chance to present your company in the most favorable light. And the choice of an interpreter is not less important than the other aspects of the arrangements.

An interpreter, as well as the full-time employees present at the exhibition, is the image of the company for the attendees, potential customers and partners. They are a full member of the team, and their professionalism largely determines the success of the entire event. After all, customers make a decision to cooperate, judging, amongst other things, by the form of the information presentation.

At international exhibitions, it is the English language interpreting service that is the most relevant, because English is spoken by nearly all representatives of foreign companies who come to Moscow. However, plenty of such services are on offer. So how to avoid a mistake and choose the most suitable specialist?

The function of the interpreter is both interpreting at negotiations with prospective partners, and the presentation of products or services that can be very different, depending on the subject of the event.

A good English language exhibition interpreter should:

  • carry out professional interpreting, be fluent both in the foreign and the first language;
  • understand the subject area and the specifics of a particular industry;
  • avoid communication errors that scare customers away;
  • carry out their responsibilities well in front of a large audience;
  • have an experience of participation in exhibitions.

Before the start of the event, the interpreter carefully studies the materials, tries to grasp the details, clarifies the necessary information about the goods or services. The effectiveness of participation depends on the adequacy and correctness of the interpreting at the exhibition. The interpreter not only removes language barrier between attendees and participants, but contributes to the formation of an attractive image of the company. Therefore, in addition to professional qualities, the appearance is equally important, which should be in harmony with the style of the other representatives of the client company. The knowledge of etiquette is also advisable.

A good interpreter invited to an exhibition not only carries out their immediate functions, but also attracts the attention of potential partners, creates a confiding atmosphere and contributes to the sales growth. Entrust the choice of a specialist to professionals! Contact PerevodPravo translation agency! You will receive an advice, and we, with your objectives in mind, will help you find an English interpreter with an experience in your specialty area.

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