Translation of bank statements into English

Today international relations between Russia and Western countries are developing year after year and are reaching a new economic level. In connection with that, document flow and commercial relations with Western countries are increasing significantly. The financial market of the services in the area of translations from the English language is now the most important aspect in the building up of business and economic co-operation. And the fact of coping with the economic stagnation by the businessmen and industrial enterprises in Russia is an explicit proof of that.

Bank statements, translation into Russian

In today’s world, translation of banking documents is a sought-after service. Due to the globalization of the banking sector, individuals and companies are able to actively co-operate with foreign banking institutions and receive loans. As a result, plenty of documents relating to the payment of bills and mutual settlements, money transfers and other banking operations come into use.

A bank statement is a document that contains information about the status of a client’s account, cash flow, accrued interest and commissions charged, balance at the beginning and at the end of a specified period. It will be required when submitting documents to the tax authority, when submitting an application to the embassy of a foreign country to obtain a visa (in that case, the statement is a guarantee of the applicant's solvency), to confirm the fulfillment of the borrower's obligations under the loan agreement, to control the flow of funds through the bank account. Translation of a bank statement for a visa is usually certified with a seal of a translation agency, but the embassies of some countries may have stricter requirements. In that case, a notarized translation is required.

It is advisable that a translator who deals with bank statements should have an experience of work with financial documents, have a knowledge of banking terms, be able to select the most accurate analogs of complex syntax structures.

It is important to remember that, in addition to the quality of the translation, the correctness of filling out the document is significant, as bank statements may be drawn up in different layouts for different purposes. It is better to make sure in advance that the layout of the statement complies with the required type.

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