Simultaneous Interpreting from the English Language

Simultaneous interpreting from the English language is a type of interpreting that is carried out for a large audience using special equipment. As a rule, this type of interpreting is carried out at high-end events. 

The uniqueness of simultaneous interpreting lies in the fact that the work of a simultaneous interpreter requires extra equipment. Without it this type of interpreting is hardly possible.

Simultaneous interpreting requires a booth for the interpreter. The booth is to be equipped with certain devices necessary to carry out the interpreting (a control desk, a microphone, headphones). All the listeners are to have their headphones connected, too.

Simultaneous English Interpreter

The main point of simultaneous interpreting into English resides in the fact that the interpreter, located at a distance in the booth, performs the interpreting immediately following the words of the speaker without a pause. The complexity of such type of interpreting is that it requires exceptional concentration and attention. Therefore, in simultaneous interpreting, interpreters work in pairs and change every half an hour.

Demand for simultaneous interpreting

Due to the rise in the development of international relations between Russia and Western countries, simultaneous interpreting from the English language is very popular. Simultaneous interpreting is sought after at such international events as:

  • international summits;
  • forums, scientific conferences, symposia;
  • seminars, training sessions conducted by foreign specialists, lectures;
  • official events, business negotiations;
  • exhibitions.

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