Translation of Contracts from Russian into English

Over the years of working with the English language and co-operation with Western and Russian companies, PerevodPravo translation agency has gained a valuable experience not only in the area of translation from Russian into English, but in the field of legal document layout. And that plays a significant role in the proper translation of legal documents.

Today, our company employs more than 50 translators who specialize in legal translations from the English language. The level of linguistic knowledge of each of the translators is verified by university diplomas and international certificates. As well as that, it is proven by their successful work experience abroad. The work experience of each of the translators is at least 5 years.

Translation of contracts from the English language

Translation of contracts and agreements is a type of legal translations that raises most difficulties for non-professionals, even those who are fluent in foreign languages ​​at the mundane level. After all, translation of contracts has unmanifest specific features and translators have to follow certain rules.

The difficulty lies in the requirement to correctly use well-established phrasings and clichés, maintain the formal style, adhere to lexical patterns. At the same time, the wording should be as short and clear as possible. And that is not easy, because the language of law is cumbersome and confused, sometimes stodgy with ornate grammatical structures. It is complicated for people who have no legal education to understand such a text, even if it is written in their mother tongue.

Translation of agreements into the English language

When translating agreements and contracts, it is important to adhere to uniform terminology. Synonyms should be avoided so as not to distort the meaning; the same word or expression should be used throughout the document as a translation of a certain term.

Omissions and inaccuracies in numbers, dates, or names are absolutely unacceptable. The translation should preserve all abbreviations, footnotes, comments and explanations given in the original text. Any mistake can be costly: the partner may refuse to sign or renew the contract. The translation is to be professionally carried out, consistent with the norms of the language of law.

Translation of contracts from English to Russian

This service may be needed in Moscow, both in the course of commercial activities (translation of business agreements, agreements on co-operation and provision of services, shareholder’s agreements and articles of association, etc.) and in the private sphere (lease agreement, labor agreement, agreement on the opening of bank deposit, sponsorship letter).

Due to the complex nature of legal translations, we recommend that you should employ the services of professional translators, those who have the experience or supplementary education in the legal field. PerevodPravo translation agency will be happy to carry out your project within the shortest time possible and in accordance with the highest quality standards. At the same time, we will strictly observe your confidentiality. Our specialists have years of experience in the field of law. Contact us and you will receive a well-translated text of correct layout.

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