English Language Video Voice-Over Editing

At PerevodPravo translation agency, the service of translations of video and audio files and visual materials with soundtracks has only recently become popular. The development, abundance, affordability of audio and video recording devices enables their use without restriction: be it a transcript of an important event featuring foreign guests or a recording of a professional doctor’s advice abroad. Each of these situations requires translation of audio files from the English language.

English language video voice-over editing

Voice-over editing of videos is a painstaking, time consuming and extremely complex process. The sound is of great importance for the perception of the video. A bad soundtrack can spoil even an initially good picture. For an excellent result, you need a good voice actor, an experienced sound engineer and a recording studio with professional equipment.

Voice-over can be “UN-style”, when the voice actor’s voice is recorded over the original sound track with a slight delay, and dubbing, when the original speaker’s audio track is completely replaced.

The most popular is voice-over translation from the English language. When translating a video, it is not only the quality of the translation itself that matters, but also its duration compared to the original. It is important to choose the phrases so that their duration could approximately equal to the duration of the phrases on the video to be voiced, so that the visual and audio sequence were not out of sync. This can be especially noticeable in dialogues - the voices of the actors should not overlap. And if a face is shown close up, the articulation should approximately match the uttered sounds. This is all true for dubbing; in the case of a voice-over translation, there is no replacement of the original voice track; no articulation matching is required.

The translation should better be read by native speakers, because the accent or incorrect intonation can spoil the entire impression from watching the video. And, of course, the voice actor's speech should be intelligible.

Examples of products that may need voice-over editing:

  • commercials;
  • audio travel guides;
  • education courses and training programs;
  • presentations;
  • mobile applications;
  • audiobooks;
  • games;
  • feature films and documentaries;
  • TV serials;
  • answerphone messages;
  • voice menus;
  • animated logos, etc.

Our translation agency provides video voice-over services in Moscow. Call or write to us, and our customer service will estimate the price and the time needed to complete your project, and will select a professional translator and a voice actor.

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Video voice-over editing Price for 5 minutes (minimum order)

From English into Russian

Transcription with translation and timecodes

Voice acting (1 voice)

Soundtrack overdubbing

Adding overlay captions



$35 - 45 ($10 / page*)

$75 ($15 *)

$30 ($6 *)

$40 ($10 *)

from $180 

From Russian into English (native speaker)

Transcription with translation and timecodes

Voice acting (1 voice)

Soundtrack overdubbing

Adding overlay captions



$45 ($20 / page*)

$230 ($45 *)

$30 ($6 *)

$45 ($10 *)

from $350 

From Russian into English (non-native)

Transcription with translation and timecodes

Voice acting (1 voice)

Soundtrack overdubbing

Adding overlay captions



$35 ($15 / page *)

$100 ($15 *)

$35 ($6 *)

$45 ($10 *)

from $250 

* Each subsequent minute

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Stages of voice-over editing

Examination of video and audio files

Creating the transcription and adding the timecodes

Translation by a native speaker, translation adaptation

Selection of voice actors

Voice acting

Audio track overdubbing


Background audio track overdubbing

Adding overlay captions

Final cleaning of the video


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