Translation of Documents into the English Language

Notarized translation of documents into English

The need for document translations may arise in various circumstances and life situations. For example, when applying for a visa, obtaining a citizenship, marrying a foreign citizen, applying for a job abroad, claiming an inheritance, seeking medical services, opening a bank account, etc. If you need a translation of your passport, a higher education diploma, various statements and certificates, notarized bank statements, you cannot do without professional linguistic services, as the notary can only certify the signature of a credentialed translator who assumes responsibility for the correctness of the translation.

Translation of documents into English for a visa

The price of the service depends on the type of a document, its volume, urgency, language pair. Most often it is necessary to translate documents into English when applying for a visa. Requirements for the drawing up of the same kind of documents in different countries may vary. This concerns the format of dates and other formalities that may seem insignificant, but in fact are really important.

You should also avoid administrative mistakes. For example, when submitting a package of documents to some authority, you have to make sure that the spelling of the last name and the first name is identical throughout the package - sometimes there can be several spelling options. Usually, international passport is taken as a model. Translation of seals and stamps is usually required, but not always, this point, too, needs to be clarified in advance in a particular organization.

Translation of documents from English into Russian

Suppose you have gone through a medical examination abroad, received a specialist's opinion and want to continue the treatment in Russia. In that case, you need to have all the documents, which, as a rule, contain a lot of medical terms and abbreviations, translated. Any mistake can disrupt the whole course of treatment, make it ineffective. Therefore, the translator has to have an understanding of medicine in order to correctly and accurately convey the doctors’ instructions.

If legal and judicial documents drawn up abroad are involved, you will most likely need notarized translation. Therefore, it may be wise to contact a translation agency that is well-connected with a notary. As a rule, personal presence of the customer is not necessary - remote translation and notarization is possible if filing the notarized translation together with the original document is not required. PerevodPravo translation agency in Moscow handles all types of documents. Contact us! Our customer service will process your order, determine the price and the term. As a rule, translation of a standard documents does not take long.

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