Translation of audio files from the English language

It is no secret that the English-language information space is much broader than the Russian-speaking one. In addition, the Russian citizens’ demand and interest for the new and modern English-language sources of information is constantly growing. Unfortunately, not all of our clients speak English at a professional level, which complicates obtaining of information from the foreign sources, such as television, radio, educational resources, publishing houses...

With the advent of modern technologies for the processing and transferring of information, the translation of audio files from the English language has become a very convenient and popular way to obtain information from the English-language resources. PerevodPravo translation agency has repeatedly taken orders for the translation of audio and video files from/into English. These include:

  • audio instruction manuals;
  • a recording of a radio program;
  • audio webinars and training sessions;
  • audio books.

Transcribing of an English-language audio file

How are audio files translated?

Your material can be provided in absolutely any format. This could be a YouTube audio track, a recording of a conversation with your foreign partners, or even a recording of an interrogation of a person under investigation in court. The translation process itself is divided into several stages:

1. You transfer the audio file to us for review, after that the translator listens to the material carefully and delves into the content of the audio file.

2. The translator listens to the audio recording and transcribes the translation.

3. After the translation has been completed, the text should be adapted for the Russian-speaking audience. Some sentences need to be rephrased so that they could sound stylistically correct.

4. After the adaptation, the translation is ready to be sent to the customer.

PerevodPravo translation agency has specialized in the translation of English-language audio files for years, moreover, we possess special equipment and use modern methods of audio file conversion. We are assured that if you order from our translation agency, you will receive high-quality translation of your audio files at affordable prices!

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Stages of work on audio/video file translations

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