Whispered Interpreting from the English Language

Chuchotage – is one of the types of interpretation. The specific feature of whispered interpreting from the English language is whispering of the translation of the speaker’s words to one or more people nearby. Often whispered interpreting is carried out at personal meetings of top-ranking leaders of countries and organizations, as well as at conferences or court sessions.

Whispered interpreting from the English language, as well as any other type of interpreting, has its own specific features:

  • Whispered interpreting does not require specialist equipment;
  • Whispered interpreting is a type of simultaneous interpreting, which involves whispering of the translation to the client by the interpreter, therefore, it takes much less time to translate, compared with consecutive interpreting;
  • In whispered interpreting certain voice techniques are used, whose main purpose is to reduce the resonance of vowels and certain consonants;
  • It is not recommended to carry out whispered interpreting from the English language for a group consisting of more than 4 people;
  • Whispered interpreting cannot last more than 3 hours, since the interpreting process requires a lot of effort on the side of the interpreter.

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