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PerevodPravo translation agency offers the services of written translations of books, drawings, statements and certificates, contracts, operating manuals and other documents from/into English carried out in a professional manner. Our specialists work with documents of any complexity and subject area. All translations are carried out only by trusted credentialed translators who have years of experience in the field. We carry out written English translations in the main specialty areas as follows:

  • economy and business;
  • machinery and equipment;
  • medicine;
  • literature and art;
  • law court and notary;
  • IT and computers;
  • politics;
  • mass media.

English Written Translations

The advantage you enjoy when you order the services of PerevodPravo translation agency lies in the fact that each of all the English translators (over 100 people) focuses on certain specialty areas of translation, which makes it possible for us to ensure the highest quality of work.

State-of-the-art document processing systems and other software we possess help us to carry out translations within the shortest time possible, as well as perform DTP and recognition of documents of various formats, both paper and electronic.

Today, among our regular customers are well-known Russian and international companies, scientific organizations, mass media. We do understand the high degree of responsibility and it encourages us to maintain a high standard of translations from/into English.

Prices of written English translations

In Russia, there are quite a few agencies that provide the services of English-Russian translation of documents. The price of such service is about the same everywhere, however, the quality is often far from perfect. Over the years of the agency's operation we have seen numerous inaccurate translations and we have had to correct a lot of documents. Therefore, it is worth knowing that poor-quality work can cause not only termination of important contracts, but also worsening of overall business relationship with foreign partners. In this regard, we recommend contacting professional translators of our agency, who use state-of-the-art translation technologies.

In conclusion, may we say that you can be assured that the quality of written translation from/into English carried out by our specialists will meet the highest international standards!

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The price of written translations

Technical translations

  • machinery/equipment
  • oil/gas
  • IT /website translations/computers
  • metallurgy
  • mechanics/mechanical engineering
  • aviation/space
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • chemistry
  • electronics/electrical engineering
  • furniture/wood processing
  • metallurgy
  • paper/paper production
  • electric power industry
  • geology
  • animal husbandry
  • shipbuilding
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Legal translations

  • contracts
  • licenses and certificates
  • protocols and agreements
  • passports and IDs
  • bank and financial statements
  • court rulings
  • real estate finance documentation
  • receipts, bills and checks
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Economic translations

  • contracts
  • accounting and tax reports
  • bank accounts
  • insurance and loans
  • property and securities
  • financial investments
  • exhibitions and investment forums
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Medical translations

  • medical tests
  • medical certificates
  • diagnoses
  • medical record
  • doctor’s opinion
  • prescriptions
  • medical examination
  • medical articles
  • medication patient information leaflets
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Literary translation

  • literature
  • articles
  • advertising brochures
  • screenplays
  • memoirs
  • lyrics
  • films
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IT translation

  • websites
  • computer games
  • smartphone and tablet apps
  • operating systems
  • software
  • multimedia applications
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Price of translations from English into Russian

$0.06 / word

Price of translations from Russian into English

$0.06 / word

Our advantages

We categorize the translators according to their specialty areas and directions of translation

Our translators possess diplomas and certificates awarded by the best universities

Diplomas and certificates verify the qualifications of our translators

We charge reasonable price for high-quality translations by a native speaker

We give large discounts to regular customers

We employ more than 500 English translators

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