Translation of a Birth Certificate into English

When applying for a visa or residence permit, claiming an inheritance in a foreign country, a notarized translation of the birth certificate into English is required. As well as that, the service is necessary for adolescents who are going to study in Europe or the USA. It is advisable that a person should seek a professional service if a child is traveling to another country to undergo medical treatment, to stay at a summer camp, to attend training courses, or is going to travel accompanied by a trusted person.

A linguistic company that carries out the task will preserve the structure of the original document as much as possible, the specialists will decipher seals, stamps, discuss the spelling of names and surnames with you, which will help to avoid errors in transliteration. It is unacceptable for official documents to contain:

  • faults;
  • typos;
  • errors;
  • ambiguities.

Only the linguists, characterized for maximum attention to detail are allowed to carry out the translation. Among the Important criteria for the choice of a responsible translator are legal literacy, the ability to convey the original meaning and retain the original style. Any mistake, wrong word, fault in the final document could be a cause for a refusal to obtain a visa or to cross the border.

Professionalism and linguistic experience are the key to successful translation

A slip-up made during the translation of a certificate may ruin the chances to be admitted to a foreign university. Strict compliance with the document structure, correctness of the content, transcription of extra lettering (including those written by hand) are essential for a perfect translation. Our highly qualified specialists offer:

  • legalization (apostille);
  • confidentiality;
  • lifetime warranty for quality;
  • strict observance of deadlines;
  • affordable prices.

When you contact the specialists, you will receive a notarized copy of the original certificate. The document is to contain the required stamps, registration numbers, and signatures in accordance with the law.

Prompt assistance in any situation

PerevodPravo translation agency’s qualified experts will help customers who intend to marry a foreign citizen, apply for a visa, or move to another country. The translated and notarized birth certificate is on the list of mandatory documents to be prepared by a future immigrant, student or spouse. What are the competitive advantages of our agency?

  1. Professional software.
  2. Teamwork.
  3. Years of experience.
  4. The speed of information processing.
  5. Fixed rates.

Linguistic services are provided by credentialed, thoughtful specialists who value accuracy and competence. Our translators understand the key features of this type of work and possess a deep knowledge of legal terms. When a customer contacts an experienced hand, they save the time, which otherwise could have been spent trying to find notaries, experts, filling out forms, compiling a package of papers for legalization.

A highly reliable agency located in Moscow guarantees competitive prices, unsurpassed professional ethics, accurate completion of any project without limitation. Regular customers are offered considerable discounts. Contact a trusted translation agency and we will select a suitable specialist from a large team of credentialed employees within 15 minutes.

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We categorize the translators according to their specialty areas and directions of translation

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We select a specialist for your subject area

We translate the text taking into account the deadlines and other conditions

We translate the text

taking into account the deadlines and other conditions

We edit the document

We check whether the tone and intent of the original document has been conveyed and whether the industry terms have been used correctly

We carry out desktop publishing

We bring the translated document in compliance with the original (a perfect copy)

The translated project is submitted to the customer

At the request of the customer, it is possible to submit the completed parts of the project in a staged manner, which makes it possible for the customer to start working with the documents before the agreed deadlines.

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