English-language interpreter at negotiations

PerevodPravo translation agency is a company with years of experience of work with Russian and foreign organizations in the area of interpreting from/into English. Over the years of work in the Russian market, we have managed to gather a team of professional English-language interpreters focused on various industry sectors and levels of translation. We carry out such types of high-quality interpreting from the English language as:

  • simultaneous;
  • consecutive; 
  • whispered.

English-language Interpreter at negotiations

If you are to take part in negotiations with a foreign colleague, customer or partner whose language you or your company's staff do not speak, you will need an interpreter’s service, whose quality may affect the success of the entire undertaking.

Negotiations can be formal and informal, preparatory, preliminary or final, related to the signing of documents. They may center around a variety of subjects. Their duration may vary from a couple of hours to several days. But in any case, mutual understanding between the parties is crucial, since without it, doing full-fledged business, signing contracts or making deals is barely possible. Сorrespondence with foreign partners may be entrusted to your own employee who speaks a foreign language, however, when negotiating face-to-face, you cannot do without the service of a professional interpreter.

In today’s world, lots of people have a knowledge of English sufficient for a mundane everyday life, which allows them to avoid difficulties when they are traveling to other countries, visiting shops and cafes and go sightseeing. But, as a rule, that is not enough to do business.

English-language interpreting at negotiations is a complicated and extremely important function, which requires impeccable mastery of a foreign language and high efficiency. That is especially relevant to business negotiations. It is necessary to be sure that the meaning of what has been said will not be distorted, essential details will not be missed, conditions, terms and dates will not be misunderstood. At the same time, the interpreting should be carried out fairly quickly, without unnecessary interruptions, because, among other things, that affects the ease of communication.

Normally, at negotiations consecutive interpreting is used. In order for the interpreter to be able to carry out the work at their best, it is advisable to invite them in advance, provide an opportunity to prepare, inform them of the subject of the meeting and provide reference materials. An experienced interpreter can assist you in preparing for negotiations, advise on the rules of etiquette of a foreign country, suggest a way to earn the trust of the partner, to present yourself the right way, and to defend your position.

If you need an interpreter for your negotiations in Moscow, please contact PerevodPravo translation agency. The price depends on the nature and duration of the negotiations, the venue, the language pairs, the type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous), and urgency. Contact us, ask all your questions, and we will definitely reach an agreement!

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