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China aspires to financial and economic leadership, has a high potential, carries out large-scale projects. The services of translation from English into Chinese are relevant for business based on mutually beneficial co-operation between business partners from the United States and suppliers from the Celestial Empire. Foreign partners may need translation or interpreting services, professional assistance aimed at overcoming the language barrier. Most English-speaking customers have a rather tenuous knowledge of Chinese, but to be able to formalize paperwork one needs in-depth and professional knowledge. Accomplished businessmen arrive at the decision to employ the professional service in order to avoid any damage caused to their business. Effective co-operation with foreign partners is associated with constant need to contact credentialed linguists. The language of the Middle Kingdom is no exception. A competent specialist takes into account:

  • various dialects;
  • complex writing system;
  • lexical specificity.

When a customer relies on a professional translator, they do not have to spend several years studying the grammar, features and nuances of calligraphy. The linguist carries out complex work on the documents, performs technical, literary or medical translations. The specialist guarantees exact accordance of the completed document to the original, as well as absence of errors and absolute accuracy.

A translator from Chinese into English

Confidentiality is important for overseas customers. When reports or other documents, which contain accounting data where large sums of money are mentioned, are being translated, confidentiality remains a priority. Information provided for the translation is not subject to disclosure. This rule is known to each employee of our translation agency. 
The specialists guarantee:

  1. Urgency.
  2. Correction of terms.
  3. Adjustment/customization of complex texts.
  4. Accordance with the original document.
  5. Confidentiality.

Foreign customers may need to have their instruction manuals, brochures, medical prescriptions, or technical drawings customized. A large number of documents do not preclude a team of highly qualified linguists in Moscow from doing a perfect job.

PerevodPravo translation agency is a responsible and honest intermediary who will help to establish communication with foreign delegations, foreign colleagues, and will undertake to work on complex written materials. Contact the professionals to avoid forfeit penalties or mishaps. Our credentialed specialists are happy to see new customers and ready to carry out any kind of project.

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  • from Chinese into English
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Each subsequent hour — $25

starts at $150 / 8 hours
Each subsequent hour — $25
starts at $150 / 8 hours in China
Each subsequent hour — $25 / day

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