Law court English-language interpreter

A law court interpreter is a person over 18 years of age who participates in court hearings, is fluent in the language used during proceedings, is not an interested party, is a person who carries out the interpreting during court hearings or translates written documents relevant to the case.

If the proceedings are civil or arbitral, any party may file a petition to engage an interpreter chosen by it, and then the nominee should be approved by the court. At the same time, for criminal proceedings the linguist is selected by the court. In that case, the services are paid by the federal budget.

Law court interpreter from the English language

A court hearing where a foreign citizen is involved is impossible without the participation of a law court interpreter. And they bear a huge responsibility. Refusal to provide an interpreter in court can be treated as a violation of the procedural rules. The qualifications of the linguist may affect the process and the outcome of the case. In the event that there are inaccuracies in the translation, a judgement or a sentence may become vacated. And in the event that certain serious errors have been committed, a charge may be brought against the court interpreter themselves!

When a specialist is translating the text of a law, for instance, their responsibility is very high, too. After all, what it involves is not business, as is in the case of contract translations, now a few countries may be affected! Often lawyers who have spent years taking part in international court hearings improve their foreign language skills, retrain, and become court translators. Ideally, a translator/interpreter should have both legal and linguistic qualification. To be a court interpreter one should have a considerable experience, be well-versed in legislation, have a knowledge of special vocabulary, be unprejudiced, be able to maintain self-control and demonstrate objectivity. Attention to detail, diplomacy and confidentiality are also important.

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