Consecutive Interpreting into English

Consecutive interpreting from/into English is a special type of interpreting that is carried out for a group of listeners. The specific feature of consecutive interpreting is that a clear translation of what has been said is given in the intervals between the speaker's words. Usually, in order to simplify consecutive interpreting from the English language, a speaker utters a couple of sentences, then giving the interpreter the time to translate.

Consecutive Interpreter into the English language

In the context of globalization, this type of interpreting is very much in demand in any cultural and economic relationship. Consecutive interpreting is beneficial because it enables to completely study and perceive the words of the speaker.

A specialist who carries out consecutive interpreting from the English language, should have the knowledge of the language at an exceptional level, as they may not be able to use a dictionary while standing at a podium or interpreting at a business forum. All sorts of speech patterns and standard combinations should be worked out to the last detail and cause no difficulties or slowdowns in interpreting.

Where this type of interpreting is used:

  • business forums and seminars;
  • business or telephone negotiations;
  • interpreting at a notary and law court;
  • equipment installation supervision;
  • interpreting at an excursion;
  • training sessions.

A significant advantage of consecutive interpreting is that there is no need to use extra equipment. As well as that, during the pauses, the listeners can think over what has been said, which contributes to the better perception of the information, and the speaker can think their further words over more carefully.

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