Notarized Translation of a Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad

To visit the US, the CIS countries or resort countries, you will need a notarized translation of a consent letter for children travelling abroad into English in Moscow. Consent letter or power of attorney is issued in the case of unaccompanied travel, crossing a border by a minor citizen of the Russian Federation, a trip with a guardian for medical treatment, holiday, training, cultural or sports event.

This type of translation is labor intensive. Linguists understand the highest responsibility for any errors in the text. In the case of non-compliance with the standards, lack of knowledge, errors, the outcome is predictable - refusal of entry, financial loss. When you contact an agency, which employs professional translators, the customer is guaranteed the preservation of the structure of the original document, the accuracy of grammatical norms, terms and style.

When you need to be on the safe side or additional reasons to issue a power of attorney

Each country establishes its own requirements for the package of documents for entry. Let us look into situations where it is advisable to have a consent letter for children travelling abroad on your hands. The main objective of the frontier guard is to prevent any attempted illegal transportation of children. In the event of a conflict between a teenager and their parents, shouting, or use of force, the frontier guard will immediately ask you to present the documents. The consent letter for children travelling abroad will be needed if:

  • there is a suspicion of kidnapping;
  • there is an external dissimilarity of family members (the parent is a mulatto and the child has a European appearance);
  • in conflict situations, disobedience of a minor.

The officer of the law acts in accordance with the official duties, performing a check of the legality of crossing the border. If there is no document to verify the consent, there is a danger of not only a refusal of entry, but of further investigation. Timely preparation of the complete package of papers will help to avoid misunderstanding with the immigration service and any delays at the border.

Maximum efficiency and impeccable quality of service

Our professional translation agency offers its services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation. All types of work are carried out exclusively by credentialed linguists, which eliminates errors or faults. Numerous positive comments and customer reviews indicate the high quality of the projects carried out, as well as of the proficiency of our specialists. 

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PerevodPravo translation agency carries out rush translations, provides fixed rates according to the established price list. The agency employs a considerable team of specialists who are trusted by private clients and government organizations. Our translators are happy to carry out large orders, complex specialized projects and tasks. Co-operation with an experienced translation agency will help to avoid reputational damage, financial losses, to formalize a power of attorney without delay, and ensure its complete matching to the original document.

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