Translation of medical records into English

PerevodPravo translation agency’s main area of expertise is translation of medical records from/into English. We provide full linguistic support for medical translations. Over the years of work in the field of English-language translations we have managed to gather a professional team of English translators who have a considerable experience of work with pharmaceutical companies in the USA, UK, Israel, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

The main objective of our translators is accuracy and strict terminological compliance of the translation! And that is very important when it comes to patient’s health.

Which documents do we translate?

  • medical tests, medical certificates, diagnoses;
  • medical records/charts;
  • doctor’s opinion;
  • prescriptions;
  • medical examinations;
  • medical articles;
  • medication patient information leaflets.

Translation of an extract from the medical record into English

Medical record is a medical and at the same time a legal document, which sets out the causes of the disease, its development, specifies the necessary diagnostic measures and therapeutic procedures. Translation of a medical record into a foreign language displays, among other things, the professionalism of the attending physician, their qualifications, knowledge, and experience. Such document is the evidence of the correctness of the treatment and possible medical errors. In some Western countries, medical records are studied by insurance company experts, and based on their findings, they make a decision to either pay for a doctor’s service or impose a fine.

Therefore, a medical translator bears huge responsibility. While in literary translations some improvisation is allowed, in the translation of a doctor’s opinion or an extract from a medical record ambiguity is intolerable. Even if incomplete sentences or fragmentary phrases predominate in the original document, the translation should look so that a medical specialist reading the translation would not need to guess what was meant. Facts should be presented in as much detail as possible, logically and consistently.

In addition, when translating medical records into English, it is necessary to take into account some specific features. For example, when describing signs and symptoms of a disease, the past tense, as well as complete sentences in a narrative form, etc. should be used.

Ideally, the translator should have a medical qualification. The use of extra sources of information and specialized dictionaries is mandatory. In addition, we should not forget that the terminology in some areas of medicine is constantly expanding, new terms are emerging. That is especially true for oncology, immunology, and radiology. A practitioner’s advice may be needed to decipher abbreviations and Latin terms.

As well as that, a huge number of synonyms to refer to the same disease should be taken into account. For some diseases, there may be several different terms, plus more informal names that doctors sometimes use when dealing with patients.

Translation of medical records is a popular and sought-after service. Our translation agency in Moscow provides a wide range of translation services and, in particular, works with medical documents. We will carry out a professional translation of an extract from a medical record, a doctor's opinion or a medical certificate for you. Contact us!

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