Notarized translation of a passport into English

Over the years of work with the English language ​​and co-operation with Western and Russian companies, PerevodPravo translation agency has acquired a valuable experience not only in the area of translation from Russian into English, but in the field of drawing up legal documents as well, which is important in the proper translation of legal documents.

Today, our company employs more than 50 translators who specialize in legal translations from the English language. The level of linguistic knowledge of each of the translators is verified by university diplomas and international certificates. As well as that, it is proven by their successful work experience abroad. The work experience of each of the translators is at least 5 years.

Passport is the most important identity document of a citizen who has reached a certain age. International passport is used for traveling abroad. Issue and reissue of a passport is regulated by law. For example, in Russia, the first passport is issued at the age of 14, and it should be reissued if a person changes their first or last name, as well as when a certain age is reached, namely, at 20 and 45.

Without a passport, a person is not able to exercise their rights - they do not have the right to enter into deals, carry out banking transactions, carry out real estate transactions, and may not travel abroad. Without this important document, registration of marriage or childbirth is impossible. A passport is also required for applying to court or to a medical institution.

There are times when notarized translation of a passport into English is necessary. Here are some examples:

  • Obtaining a foreign country entry permit;
  • Admission to a foreign educational institution;
  • Applying for a job abroad;
  • Claiming an inheritance abroad;
  • Formation of a company in a foreign country;
  • Submission of documents to the embassy of a country chosen for immigration;
  • Registration of a marriage with a citizen of a foreign state;
  • Obtaining a child’s birth certificate abroad.

If the translated pages of the passport have not been changed, the effective term of the translation is not limited. But if the data has changed, any new mark or stamp has appeared, the notarized translation becomes invalid.

When translation of a passport is being performed, absolutely all the data should be translated, including code letters, seals and stamps, names and codes of the state bodies that issued the document. It should be a page-by-page translation. The price of the service depends on the language, urgency and need for notarization. If you need a translation of an identity document, Russian or international passport, birth, marriage or death certificate, or any other personal document, contact PerevodPravo translation agency in Moscow! We will select a thoughtful and responsible specialist, and the translation will be completed in the shortest time possible, without errors or typos.

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