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One of the types of translation most frequently ordered from PerevodPravo translation agency is translations by a native English speaker. This type of translation is very well suited to customers who see 100% quality translation of documents as particularly important. A native speaker is a person who thinks in their mother tongue and knows all the subtleties of the culture and of the language of their country. No matter how experienced a Russian-speaking translator is, sometimes a text may contain very rare phrases or idioms that are understood by a native speaker only. In such cases, it is better that the translation is carried out by a native English speaker.

Перевод на английский носителем языка

Since the demand for quality of documents is growing both among the customers and the consumers, translations by a native English speaker are becoming an excellent option for even the most fastidious customers. This type of translation is becoming increasingly popular due to the globalization of international business.

What kind of texts should be translated by a native speaker?

  • fiction to be published;
  • advertising booklets, presentations;
  • presenter’s speech;
  • commercial agreements;
  • specialized technical or scientific texts;
  • documents of particular importance.

How much better is the translation carried out by a native speaker?

There are known cases that a literary or an advertising text was translated by a Russian-speaking translator. Everything may be perfectly clear, but the structure of phrases or sentences is not flawless and it is apparent that the document was not translated by a native English speaker.

It can be stated with high confidence that the translation performed by a native English speaker will be more smooth and stylistically immaculate. In addition, a native speaker’s translation will be much more intelligible.

When you order a translation from Perevodpravo translation agency, you receive a translation carried out by a native English speaker from the UK or the USA!

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