Notarized translation of a diploma into English

High-quality notarized translation of a diploma into English in Moscow is a special type of linguistic services. The work is performed by a qualified specialist, and its certification takes place at the notary. After that, the document comes into effect. Now it can be submitted to the registration authorities, state bodies, archives, etc. Услуга актуальна в следующих ситуациях:

  • planning to obtain foreign citizenship;
  • changing your place of residence when going abroad;
  • planning to obtain a university degree or a second graduate degree at a foreign university;
  • seeking employment outside the Russian Federation.

Prepare the documents in advance, do not waste your chance to acquire further knowledge at a University in the USA or Europe, to achieve a decent standard of living, find a prestigious job at a leading company. Many Russians leave their home country, trying to get a job in their specialty. To be able to do that, you need to formalize your degree certificate, and sometimes a certificate of secondary education, as required. Applying for a prestigious job, marrying a citizen of another country, applying to a health care institution, taking education and training courses, or working on your business development, are the situations where the help of a linguistic company may be handy.

Main features

The professionals who carry out the job guarantee the correct translation of the subjects studied, grades received, the name of the educational institution, qualifications, specialty, and faculty. The main difficulty lies in the need to comply with the requirement for the unambiguousness and for the relevance of the terms characterizing educational process. The linguist takes into account region-specific features, detailed information (courses, modules, points), and international requirements.

An experienced native speaker adheres to the following principles:

  • maximum compliance with the original document;
  • professional approach;
  • tight timeframe to complete the project;
  • quality assurance.

If your project is being carried out by a certified linguist, you can be assured that the document translated into English will be in exact accordance with the original. The price depends on the complexity of the document and on the number of characters. The completed document:

  • includes no information non-existent in the original document;
  • is characterized by factual accuracy;
  • has no stylistic, punctuation, grammatical errors;
  • retains the uniform formal style.

A professional translation agency is able to provide a notarized translation service. The specialists who carry out such a project have to meet higher requirements. Namely, these are experience, knowledge of the Law, impeccable literacy, credentials that verify the qualification, as well as unfailing quality, meeting tight deadlines, and cost-effectiveness.

Our specialized translation agency offers high-quality text processing for a reasonable price. Regular customers are offered discounts. Our professional translation agency is ready to sign an agreement, which states the term, the obligations of the parties, and the liabilities. Special attention is paid to confidentiality. The responsible company guarantees:

  • legal reliability;
  • advising clients;
  • minimum time to notarize documents;
  • convenience;
  • efficiency.

When choosing a translation agency, pay attention to reputation, credibility, customer reviews. Credentialed specialists are in demand in the translation services market.

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Notarized translation

$0,06 / word

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starts at $100/ up to 3 hours
Each subsequent hour — $25
starts at $150/ 8 hours
Each subsequent hour — $25

Our advantages

We categorize the translators according to their specialty areas and directions of translation

Our translators possess diplomas and certificates awarded by the best universities

Diplomas and certificates verify the qualifications of our translators

We charge reasonable price for high-quality translations by a native speaker

We give large discounts to regular customers

We employ more than 500 English translators

Work examples

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Stages of work on notarized translations projects

We assess the documents

We assess the subject area of the text, the volume, the timescales, the order and the schedule of the fulfillment

We select a specialist for your subject area

We translate the text taking into account the deadlines and other conditions

We translate the text

taking into account the deadlines and other conditions

We edit the document

We check whether the tone and intent of the original document has been conveyed and whether the industry terms have been used correctly

We carry out desktop publishing

We bring the translated document in compliance with the original (a perfect copy)

The translated project is submitted to the customer

At the request of the customer, it is possible to submit the completed parts of the project in a staged manner, which makes it possible for the customer to start working with the documents before the agreed deadlines.

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