English Language Audio Voice-Over Editing

At PerevodPravo translation agency, the service of translations of audio files and visual materials with soundtracks has only recently become popular. The development, abundance, affordability of audio and video recording devices enables their use without restriction: be it a transcript of an important event featuring foreign guests or a recording of a professional doctor’s advice abroad. Each of these situations requires translation of audio files from the English language.

Media conversion procedure

The technology of translation and processing of audio materials is the mediation between the oral and the written versions of a text in different languages. The incoming information is received via the audio channel, then it is transformed into the printed matter. If there is a need for foreign language voice-over of the finalized video or for a translated audio track, the translated content is recorded to electronic media or integrated into the video footage.

Audio and video translation capabilities

It is possible to carry out the conventional translation of English videos in several ways:

  • a written transcription of the translated information;
  • voice-over;
  • dubbing of the video (like in a movie, with or without synchronization) by a voice actor with a good linguistic knowledge, high-quality diction, required pronunciation.

Conversion of audio to text and back to audio can be divided into several types, too:

  • word for word translation without literary adaptation (transcription) is used quite rarely;
  • a recognized and adapted text is provided to the client in the written form;
  • overdubbing of two tracks (the original and the translated speech) can lead to the complications in the understanding of both audio tracks, therefore English, German, Russian or another language audio voice-over editing in this manner is usually carried out only in the case of a customer’s insistence; creating a new audio file with a recorded translation is more preferable, since it excludes the possibility of sound distortions typical for parallel recording.

Translators and voice actors of PerevodPravo, who perform the translations of audio and video materials, have the highest qualifications, advanced linguistic intuition, and years of practice. Their expertise shows itself not only in the understanding of the original text, but in the ability to adequately reproduce it using the means of another language in the process of translating audio and video files.

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The price of the translation service

Video voice-over editing Price for 5 minutes (minimum order)

From English into Russian

Text with translation and timecodes

Voice acting (1 voice)

Sound track overdubbing

Text captions overlay



35-45 $ (10 $ / page * )

75 $ (15 $ * )

30 $ (6 $ * )

40 $ (10 $ * )

from 180 $

From Russian into English (native speaker)

Text with translation and timecodes

Voice acting (1 voice)

Sound track overdubbing

Text captions overlay



45 $ (20 $ / page * )

230 $ (45 $ * )

30 $ (6 $ * )

45 $ (10 $ * )

from 350 $

From Russian into English (non-native speaker)

Text with translation and timecodes

Voice acting (1 voice)

Sound track overdubbing

Text captions overlay



35 $ (15 $ / page * )

100 $ (15 $ * )

35 $ (15 $ * )

45 $ (10 $ * )

from 250 $

* Each subsequent minute

Our advantages

We categorize the translators according to their specialty areas and directions of translation

Our translators possess diplomas and certificates awarded by the best universities

Diplomas and certificates verify the qualifications of our translators

We charge reasonable price for high-quality translations by a native speaker

We give large discounts to regular customers

We employ more than 500 English translators

Voices of our narrators (voice actors)

There are more than 50 male and female voices actors in our team; below is an example of the voices of some of the narrators.

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The stages of voice-over editing

Examination of video and audio files

Creating the transcription and adding the timecodes

Translation by a native speaker, translation adaptation

Selection of narrators (voice actors)

Voice acting

Background audio overdubbing


Background audio overdubbing

Captions overlay

Final cleaning of the video


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