English-language escort interpreter

Annually, the lists of the most visited cities in Russia are compiled. And it is no surprise that Moscow and St. Petersburg invariably hold the top spot. Foreigners from all over the world arrive in Moscow and St. Petersburg to walk along the great cobblestone pavement of Red Square, to enjoy seeing the fascinating panorama from the Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory), as well as visit the world-famous Winter Palace and the environs of St. Petersburg. However, quite often complications associated with the language barrier may arise, and because of that it may be problematic for tourists to understand the full historical context of the legendary monuments and attractions of our homeland. For example, a couple of Liverpudlians, having visited the Tsar Bell without an English-speaking tour escort interpreter, risk never knowing that the monument was not the only giant, but had the “elder brother” from which it was cast. Or a group of Washingtonians may have a difficulty to understand the whole complex fate of the Kremlin Necropolis without the help of a knowledgeable interpreter.

English-language escort interpreter

Expecting to receive a visitor who does not speak Russian? Do you need an interpreter who will accompany you on a trip abroad, at a conference or a business forum? Are you looking for a specialist who will help you at a meeting with your foreign partners? Or do you need a tour escort interpreter who will meet your guests and take them on a city tour? PerevodPravo translation agency will provide a professional service for the desired period of time.

An English-language escort interpreter provides linguistic support in everyday life, for example, during a shopping trip or a visit to a doctor. Their main objective is to ensure smooth communication between people who do not speak a foreign language. For instance, such services may be necessary to a person who is going abroad for tourist or business purposes, alone, with friends or as part of a delegation. An escort interpreter will help you feel confident in a foreign country, at excursions and parties, at business negotiations, during presentations, or when you are making a deal.

If you intend to visit several countries, finding a companion will not be easy, because one translator is not always able to speak many languages. Multi-skilled specialists are rare, therefore, it makes sense to choose a person who is fluent in English. It is usually sufficient in most everyday situations.

The specifics of an escort interpreter’s work

It is obvious that the main requirement for any interpreter is the ability to speak a foreign language fluently and possess a certain scope of skills and knowledge. However, for the effective customer support that is not enough. One of the key features that distinguishes such a specialist from their colleagues is mobility and the willingness to remain on hand around the clock. Therefore, in addition to professional qualities, it is important to be able to adapt, communicate unobtrusively and remain inconspicuous.

In addition to grammatically correct speech, an escort interpreter has to have broad-based knowledge and a certain cultural level in order to confidently navigate in various commonplace fields.

There are also some implicit requirements for the appearance. An escort interpreter must be dressed as appropriate. If you are going to an official reception, to the theater or to the opera, formal clothes are suitable. If it is an informal party, casual clothes will do.

What is more, an escort interpreter should have a certain degree of savviness, be able to respond quickly and not get bewildered in unusual situations.

Contact PerevodPravo translation agency and we will find you a specialist who will ensure that your stay in a foreign country or your guests’ stay in Russia is comfortable.

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