Notarized translation of a driver's license

One of the popular types of translation is notarized translation of a driver's license. At PerevodPravo translation agency, notarized and judicial translations from the English language are carried out only by credentialed translators. And that is not insignificant, since notaries and courts, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, have the right to work with credentialed translators only.

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Over the years of work, we have managed to establish good relationship with Russian notaries and courts, which simplifies the process of certifying translations from the English language. Notarization of your document will not take more than 5 minutes.

Translation of a driver's license into English

Driver’s license is an important personal document. Often, car owners use their driver's license as an ID, because it, in addition to its main function, verifies the identity of the owner, bears a photo and a specimen of signature. Without a driver’s license driving is illegal.

Driver’s licenses issued in the foreign countries are recognized in the Russian Federation after a number of legal procedures have been fulfilled. Not only foreign citizens who reside in Russia permanently are required to have this document translated but those who have come for a short time, on vacation or on business, will need that, too.

Notarized translation of a driver's license

According to the Russian legislation, foreign visitors may drive a car in Russia if they have a national driver’s license or international driving permit. As a rule, the driver’s license is to be presented at the request of the authorities together with its translation into Russian, and the translation is to be notarized. An exception is provided only for international driving permits, where all the entries are made and duplicated in Latin letters or the letters of the Russian alphabet.

Notarized translation of a driver's license is a set of stamped and stitched together paper sheets: a copy of the document itself and its translation, signed by the translator. To order a translation service, it is enough to send an e-mail with a high-quality scan or a photocopy of the driver’s license attached so that all the numbers, inscriptions, stamps and seals were legible. But to have your driver's license notarized, you will need to provide the original document. The name and surname of the driver’s license owner are written in strict accordance with the passport data.

Driver’s license, translation into Russian

Translation of a driver’s license into English is needed when:

  • it is necessary to rent a car in another country;
  • it is necessary to obtain an international driving permit.

Translation of a driver’s license into a foreign language is a demanding procedure. It is important to preserve the structure of the document and accurately convey all information. Any mistake can make a document invalid. In particular, special attention should be paid to stamps and seals, as well as to the transcription of names. Usually, the last and first names of the car owner are transcribed as they are written in the international passport. If you urgently need to order a translation of a driver's license in Moscow, contact PerevodPravo translation agency. Our specialists will carry out the order thoroughly and within short timeframes.

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Notarized translation of a driver's license

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