Translation of licenses into English

All businesses, which co-operate with their foreign partners incidentally have to formalize certificates of conformity and quality, customs documents, invoices, or declarations. In addition, manufacturers often need to translate permits, licenses, sublicenses, and certificates, issued by authorized bodies into a foreign language.

Translation of certificates into English

A license confirms the right of the manufacturer, entrepreneur or agent to perform a series of actions, use new inventions, and market products within a certain territory. Terms of use of a product, prices, penalties for non-compliance with the terms or conditions are set out in license agreements. It is important that the licenses were translated into the language of the country where the particular product will be marketed or used. At the same time, it can be rather complicated to perform high-quality translation on your own, even if you speak a foreign language at a mundane everyday level, as documents usually contain a number of abbreviations, specialized terms and clichés.

Declaration of Conformity is a mandatory document where the manufacturer states that its equipment or products meet the requirements of safety regulations.

Export/import declarations and other customs documents are necessary for legally sound exports/imports of products.

All countries have a uniform requirement that certificates of conformity are to be translated and notarized. The correctness of the translation may affect the entire possibility of imports or exports, as well as the rules for the sale of goods. Any errors can cause problems. In addition, such documents usually contain a lot of figures and technical parameters, and their names and measurement units are to be translated accurately.

In addition, not only the translation, but the layout of declarations and certificates has to comply with special rules. A mere translation of the content is not enough. Therefore, translation of certificates and licenses is not as easy as it seems at first glance. And it is better to entrust it to professionals.

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