Accounting Translations into the English Language

Today international relations between Russia and Western countries are developing year after year and are reaching a new economic level. In connection with that, document flow and commercial relations with Western countries are increasing significantly. The financial market of the services in the area of translations from the English language is now the most important aspect in the building up of business and economic relations. And the fact of coping with the economic stagnation by the businessmen and industrial enterprises in Russia is an explicit proof of that.

Translation of accounting documentation

Translation of accounting documents is one of the most difficult types of written translation services. Ideally, to carry out a project in a professional manner, a linguist should have a degree in economics, understand all the nuances and subtleties of accounting, and be familiar with the special terms. And they should be aware of the requirements for the layout and style of such documents. 
Some examples of accounting documents:

  • annual or quarterly accounting report;
  • ledgers;
  • profit and loss statements;
  • balance sheet;
  • cash flow statements;
  • payroll register;
  • material balance accounting records;
  • audit reports;
  • payment requests, payment orders;
  • invoices and consignment notes;
  • statements of acceptance of work and services;
  • cash documents;
  • bank documents, account opening confirmations;
  • tender documentation.

Accounting documents are drawn up according to a unified standard, using template terms and definitions. But, depending on the area of the company’s activities, deviations are possible. In addition, in different countries requirements may vary, although recently it has been increasingly proposed to switch to common International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). And the terms often depend on the standard.

When carrying out an accounting translation, the linguist translates all digital data and written texts, including those on seals and stamps. Inscriptions, stamps, coats of arms are translated according to certain rules, with text expansion. In addition, it is important to know that in the English and the Russian languages there are different formats for writing dates and numerical values, quantitative data and their interpretation are given in a different order, etc. There are many nuances that should not be forgotten.

If you need a translation of accounting documents, please contact PerevodPravo translation agency in Moscow. Our specialists have the necessary qualifications and experience. We guarantee the quality and the compliance with applicable requirements. We ensure the confidentiality of information contained in your financial documents. If necessary, the translation will be notarized.

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