Business Translations from the English Language

Today, many of our fellow citizens speak English, but when it comes to the question of professional technical translation from the English language, people, nevertheless, contact professional translation agencies. And this is no accident, because high-quality technical translation allows you to save time, raise the convenience of communication between Russian and foreign engineers at a production site, as well as makes it possible to avoid equipment breakdowns or industrial accidents.

Translation of business documents from the English language

Business translations is a broad concept that includes a wide range of services. This includes interpretation at business briefings and meetings, as well as translation of business and commercial documents.

Business interpreting may be simultaneous (almost without pauses, with minimum delays) and consecutive (uttered during logical intervals in a speech in a foreign language). In any case, in the course of business interpreting, it is important to convey the main point only, devoid of connotation of ordinary spoken language, using the formal language where possible.

However, far more often a written business translation service is required.

Business translation of an English text

Translation of business documentation has its own specific features:

  • most accurate conveyance of factual information;
  • the absence of errors in the spelling of names, dates, addresses, names of entities and regulatory documents;
  • strict compliance with the rules relating to style, layout, and formatting;
  • preserving document structure (sections and paragraphs, numbering of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs);
  • use of standard language clichés and specific syntactic constructions;
  • impersonality; 
  • conciseness;
  • maximum context specificity, no possibility of double interpretation;
  • consistency of the styles and vocabulary of the original and the translation (formal business style).

When translating official documents, even the slightest inaccuracies or distortions should be avoided, because they can lead to unpredictable and unpleasant consequences for business. The language is to be extremely precise and clear.

The language of business documents is usually more traditional and conservative, which is especially important when translating shareholder’s agreements and articles of association, various memorandums and agreements, court rulings. As well as that, the style of business documentation is characterized by impersonality, restraint and exactitude of presentation.

Business translations. How to choose a specialist?

Business translations from the English language are especially sought-after in Moscow, because, as a rule, English is used at negotiations, in official inquiries and requests, as well as in business correspondence. In spite of the popularity of English, finding a specialist is not easy. As a matter of fact, they have to understand the numerous abbreviations and special terminology, know the rules of drawing up business documents. Therefore, most reliable solution would be to entrust the choice of a translator to a professional translation agency. Contact PerevodPravo! We will be happy to answer your questions, give advice and help you to find the right specialist for your particular project.

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