An English Interpreter at a Seminar

Chuchotage (whispered interpreting) is one of the types of interpretation. The specific feature of whispered interpreting from the English language is whispering of the translation of the speaker’s words to one or more people nearby. Often whispered interpreting is carried out at personal meetings of top-ranking leaders of countries and organizations, as well as at conferences or court sessions.

Interpreters at seminars and events

Seminars are educational events that allow participants to learn something new and share their experience and knowledge with others. They are held both separately and in the framework of larger forums, congresses and conferences, but, unlike the latter, are intended for a narrower audience.

If the event involves foreigners, the interpreting should be arranged. The linguist should immediately understand the meaning of what was said and get it across to the audience, as repetition is usually not possible. And, unlike written translations, mistake correction is not feasible, too.

Depending on the number of languages to interpret, the number of attendees, the budget of the event and the characteristics of the venue, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting is possible.

Simultaneous interpreting is carried out synchronously with the perception of the speaker's words in the source language and is uttered in parallel, the delay does not exceed a couple of tens of seconds. Usually, a simultaneous interpreter is located in a soundproof booth, the speech to interpret is heard through headphones, and they speak into a microphone. With the help of special acoustic equipment, the interpreting is transmitted to the listeners' receivers. This type of translation requires the highest concentration of attention and memory, so it is carried out by several professional interpreters, who change every 20 minutes.

Consecutive interpreting is carried out during pauses in the presenter’s speech, that is, the speech is divided into logical segments. The speaker waits for the end of the interpreting phase before they continue to speak. The interpreter is located near the presenter; therefore, they have the opportunity to clarify something or ask to repeat. If some slides are displayed during the seminar, the information they contain is often enough to be able to avoid serious mistakes in the interpreting.

An interpreter at a training session

Training programs are modern educatory activities aimed at qualifications upgrade, development of professional skills or personal qualities of employees. They are usually conducted in the form of seminars. Due to the specifics of some business areas, foreign coaches are often invited, in which case interpretation is required, too.

The subject of a seminar or a training session is usually known in advance, so the interpreter has the opportunity to prepare well for the event. Nevertheless, a linguist doing such kind of work is required to possess stamina, stress resistance, an ability to respond quickly and be ready for long and hard work.

Therefore, if you need an interpreter for a seminar or a training session, we advise that you should make the choice responsibly and seriously. Rely on the professionals! The consultants of PerevodPravo translation agency will help you to understand what type of translation is more preferable to choose, they will calculate the price and suggest the specialist. A good interpreter is one of the determining factors for the success of any seminar.

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