Translation of Medical Tests from/into English

PerevodPravo is a translation agency, whose main area of expertise is medical translations from/into English. We provide full translation support for medical translations. Over the years of work in the field of translations from the English language, we have managed to gather a team of professional English translators who have a considerable experience of work with pharmaceutical companies in the USA, the UK, Israel, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

The main objective of our translators is accuracy and strict terminological compliance of the translation! And that is very important when it comes to patient’s health.

Which documents do we translate?

  • medical tests, medical certificates, diagnoses;
  • medical record;
  • doctor’s opinion;
  • prescriptions;
  • medical examinations;
  • medical articles;
  • medication patient information leaflets.

Translation of blood and urine tests into English

It is known that the achievements of modern medicine are unevenly distributed around the globe. Certain clinics in different countries are the undisputed leaders in the treatment of a particular disease, they have mastered more advanced methods of diagnostics or treatment, possess more modern equipment. Some medical institutions employ world-famous specialists, and thousands of people around the world, who suffer from a certain disease, dream to receive their advice.

In today’s age of globalization, each person, who has necessary finance available, can get medical advice or undergo treatment in any country. Russians are no exception. Some receive medical care abroad, attending the selected clinic, others receive medical services remotely. In both cases, it is important that the foreign medical specialists are able to understand the diagnosis or the opinion of a Russian doctor so that, if necessary, they could prescribe a patient the treatment or additional procedures at their institution.

In addition, sometimes there is a need to translate medical documentation from a foreign language into Russian - in a situation that the patient was provided medical care in a foreign clinic, received advice or had to undergo medical tests, and plans to continue the treatment in their country. Correct medical translation is a guarantee of mutual understanding between doctors and medical officers from different countries, the key to successful treatment. Translation of medical tests into English admits no ambiguities or free interpretation. A translator is to be familiar with medicine, knowledgeable in Latin terms, able to decipher acronyms and make out doctor’s handwriting! After all, we are talking about human health and, possibly, life. It is best if the translator themselves is a medical practitioner or has an experience of work at a medical institution.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of medical documents whose translation may be required to be able to receive health care abroad:

  • medical certificates from
  • medical specialists and an attending physician;
  • list of medications taken;
  • epicrisis and extracts from the clinical record;
  • referral from a doctor;
  • general blood test;
  • blood chemistry;
  • urine tests; 
  • feces tests;
  • results of internal organs health screening.

Our translation agency employs linguists of various specializations. Our team includes experienced medical translators, too. They possess the relevant experience, know the basics of medicine, competently use specialized medical dictionaries and reference books. Feel free to order the translation of medical test results or other medical examinations from us! Your order will be completed with high quality and in a professional manner, seamlessly and in due time.

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