Translation of Statements and Certificates from/into English

PerevodPravo is a translation agency, whose main area of expertise is translations of statements and certificates from/into English. We provide full translation support for medical and other types of translations. Over the years of work in the field of translations from the English language, we have managed to gather a team of professional English translators who have a considerable experience of work with pharmaceutical companies in the USA, the UK, Israel, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

The main objective of our translators is accuracy and strict terminological compliance of the translation! And that is very important when it comes to patient’s health.

Which documents do we translate?

  • medical tests, medical certificates, diagnoses;
  • medical record;
  • doctor’s opinion;
  • prescriptions;
  • medical examinations;
  • medical articles;
  • medication patient information leaflets.

Notarized translation of certificates into English

Notarized translation of statements and certificates into English may be required in a number of situations: when applying for a job or to a foreign university, when submitting documents to a foreign embassy or a visa center to be granted a visa, when making transactions, etc.

In order for a Russian certificate to be valid abroad, it must either be legalized at the Russian consulate, if the country where it is going to be submitted is not a party to The Hague Convention, or apostilled (have a special stamp bearing the word Apostille) if the country has joined The Hague Convention. Legalization or Apostille is not needed if an agreement on recognition of documents without legalization has been signed between Russia and the relevant state.

Here are some types of statements and certificates, whose translation may be necessary in various circumstances:

  • On job position and salary;
  • From a higher education institution;
  • Income statements, including 2-NDFL certificate;
  • To obtain a visa - a certificate on possession of real estate or a bank account;
  • From a housing and utilities management unit (ZhEK);
  • Bank statements;
  • Certificate of clear criminal record.

Income statements are needed most frequently. They are requested by embassies accepting visa applications, financial institutions (for example, banks) to consider the possibility of issuing a loan, and social services to be able to decide on granting social security benefits. Such a certificate issued by the employer and drawn up in an approved or a free form, indicate the name of the organization, work experience and salary of an employee who worked in the past or is working now as a member of the staff or on the basis of an employment contract.

Bank statements are needed, for example, as a confirmation that the borrower has fully fulfilled financial obligations to the bank. Also, a bank statement, which indicates all the collected fines and penalties, may be required in court during the hearing of a case of overdue debts. In the visa application procedure, a bank statement confirms the applicant's solvency. A certificate of clear criminal record may be requested when applying for a responsible job, when adopting a child, when being granted citizenship or a residence permit.

Translation of statements and certificates into English is one of the many types of services provided by PerevodPravo translation agency. Contact us at our office in Moscow! You will have your document translated in the shortest time possible, notarized, if necessary.

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